Getting Your Girlfriend Back When You Cheated On Her – It Is Possible

If your ex-girlfriend caught you cheating, you probably were headed for the nearest bomb shelter. No matter how bad your other arguments may have been, this one takes the cake. Not only did you make a stupid mistake, but you got caught and called out on it. She probably left you on the spot – after a few choice words, that is. The good news is it IS possible to rebuild your relationship from the ground up. It will be a long and sometimes painful process, but it can be done. 

Understand Her Emotions

If you thought girls could be crazy before now, you just learned the ultimate lesson in psychotic behavior. It’s probably a safe bet that she didn’t take the news of your affair very well. She called you every name in the book – and then some. She screamed until you thought her vocal cords were going to snap, but found the energy to just keep going. If you try to step in here and speak up, you’re going to fall flat on your face. Expect that – and realize that she has a right to feel the way she does.

Now is not the opportune moment to try and make things better. In fact, you would be better off if you pretended like your mouth was zipped shut. Put your hands in your pockets, stare at the floor and don’t say a word. You can’t do anything at this moment to help her – you cheated on her. Nothing you do or say is going to change that, and you need to simply accept the responsibility for your actions. All actions have consequences, and her behavior at this moment is one of the consequences of yours.

Once she has run out of breath or shouted herself hoarse, you need to manage an apology. Don’t try to justify your actions or infer that your mistake was somehow her fault – or that it was anything less than what it was. Apologize and do it sincerely and briefly. Now is not your chance for a speech or a long, drawn out rambling monologue. Apologize and shut up. Anything you say is going to be imprinted in her memory and if you make a mistake here, it’s going to cost you.

Don’t Fight her Decision to Leave

Your girlfriend wants revenge. She wants to hurt you for the pain you caused her, and she wants to do it now. You have a very good chance that your first “punishment” will include being dumped on the spot. Despite all of her insistence that you’ll never see or speak to her again, there are ways to change her mind, but now is NOT the time. Just let the breakup happen and don’t put up a fight.

She’s not ending the relationship because her feelings for you instantly changed the moment she caught you cheating. She’s simply trying to make herself feel better about your betrayal by putting you in a position where she thinks you’ll experience the same hurt she did. If breaking up with you isn’t enough, she might go for some revenge. She may destroy your stuff that you left over at her house. She may flaunt a new guy in your face to see how you react. Your reaction is the important common factor here, and that’s the reason for her actions. Have no doubt in your mind that you are being carefully watched.

Let her do whatever it is that she’s going to do. Don’t succumb to the urge to make fun of her or push back. You don’t want to get caught up in an immature brawl over who can do what to whom. Just come to terms with her decision quickly and then leave. She needs some time to cool down, and you need to give her that opportunity – without saying a single word. She’s not going to hear anything you tell her right now, but the message of saying nothing will be heard loud and clear.

Make Another Apology when the Storm has Settled

After a brief period of time, the tropical storm that is your now-ex will have sufficiently blown itself out. Things between you have come to an end, and she may be more inclined to hear what you’re saying. She’ll realize that this may be the last opportunity she has to speak to you for some time, so she’ll wonder what’s really on your mind.

Make your apology mean something – don’t use it as a tool to try to convince her of your point of view or try to change her mind. If you still love your ex, then you should be willing to accept responsibility for your actions and own up to the fact that you made a mistake. You should be genuinely apologetic for the pain and betrayal you’ve put her through, so tell her so. Make it clear that you never wanted to cause her this much hurt and that it kills you to see her this way. Avoid saying anything that could turn into another fight.

What You Should Be Saying

If your ex has caught you being unfaithful, knowing what to say to her can keep a bad situation from escalating into something worse. More than anything, your ex wants to hear you vocalize the fact that what you did was a mistake and that it won’t be repeated. She may put up a fight when you say it because she’ll say that it doesn’t make a difference anymore because you’re already broken up, but it does. Whether she believes you at this moment or not, it’s important that she hears you say those words and that she sees that you mean them. That simple statement can do a world of difference when it comes to trying to win her back again.

At this point and time, your ex is in between a rock and a hard place and she doesn’t know which way to turn. She’s hurt and betrayed and she wants to see you hurting just like she is. The other part of her will realize that what you did does not take away the reality that she loves you, and some part of her wants to move past your affair and continue your relationship. Simply accept the situation as it is, and sincerely express the fact that you’re sorry.

Leave Her Alone

After offering your last apology, it’s time to walk away. Although your curiosity may be killing you, you need to let it go and allow her the opportunity to think things through and do her own thing. A lot of thoughts are running through your head and the future for you and your relationship is all up in the air. That uncertainty will make you want to reach out to your ex – but resist the temptation.

In order for her to work through what happened and figure out her next steps, she desperately needs this space. She needs to throw herself into the support of friends and family before she can make the step from anger into the reality of the fact that she misses you. This time will give her a clear picture of what life without you in it is like. Although the hurt feelings still come to the surface, they’re gradually fading.

Unlike a normal breakup, your relationship didn’t end because your ex realized she was no longer interested in you or didn’t love you anymore. Her feelings towards you are still there and probably stronger than ever. Allowing her the time, space and opportunity to work through those emotions is the best and most respectful thing you can do for her.

Give Her Some Space

Face it – no amount of time will change what you did, but her feelings towards it will. The human brain has a wonderful way of changing your perception of events and to try to rationalize what we want with what has actually happened. The more time she has to herself to experience this process in its entirety, the better your chances of getting back together. Before you have a chance, though, she has to process what’s happened and try to move past it.

Her positive feelings towards you will generally always win out over the negative ones. While she may have been angrier than you could have possibly pictured, that anger dissipates after the initial explosion. Affection, compassion and connections last much longer. If she genuinely still has feeling for you and your feelings towards here haven’t changed, there is always a chance for successful reconciliation – even after being unfaithful. If your new chance together is going to survive, however, forgiveness needs to come into play.

Fostering Forgiveness

Before moving forward, you need to accept the reality that you absolutely cannot go back to the way things were before you cheated on her. You can’t take things back and get an instant do-over if you make a mistake. Although the trust may be rebuilt, a part of her will always be cautious and question whether or not you will cheat on her again. You can’t possibly remove those feelings completely, but you can work to improve the trust. Over time, you can prove by your actions that you’re committed to her and that you won’t repeat your past mistakes.

Is It Possible To Successfully Move On from an Affair?

In simple terms, the answer is yes. Getting back together is often a long and difficult process, but it is one that is entirely possible. Trust is the foundation of a successful relationship and once it is broken, it is difficult to repair. Difficult does not have to mean impossible. There’s always hope.

Instead of trying to repair the relationship you used to have, focus instead on building a brand new one. The past should not be used as a weapon for one or both sides. You both need to agree to let go of your past and view the future as a whole new chapter. Forgiveness is easier to achieve than forgetting. Holding onto resentments from the past will doom your new relationship to failure before it has a chance to begin.

A Brand New Page – Starting Over Again

New beginnings are always a thrilling time – especially when you have both worked together to overcome an obstacle in your past like infidelity. While you are both gung-ho about moving forward, you need to take the time to tackle your past problems head on and agree to look to the future and not the past. This means getting everything out into the open and settling your differences once and for all.

Normally, subject of contention are usually avoided at all costs. This is even truer when two people are working towards reestablishing a connection and restarting a broken relationship. In order to give your new relationship the best possible chance for survival, you need to address those issues now before it’s too late. Otherwise the future is still uncertain and you’re standing on very shaky ground.

Exchange Thoughts and Ideas Openly

Talking about all of your issues does not mean both of you can go off and list all of the things you dislike about each other. Instead of rattling off a list of habits that get on your nerves, it’s time to have an open conversation about progressing towards the future without being chained to the past. Don’t throw accusations around at each other. Avoid any form of verbal aggression. Both of you should keep a clear head and avoid getting offended over things that hold little significance.

Both of you need to vent your feelings and clear the air. You need to actively pay attention to what the other person is saying and allow yourself to put yourself in her shoes. If issues are brought to light that need to be improved, agree mutually to work on them. When you both agree to listen carefully without offense, the conversation can be constructive and beneficial on both sides.

Beginning Again

Once you have apologized for being unfaithful to your partner, you have done all that you could possibly do. The circumstance then falls onto the shoulders of the partner that you cheated on. It is their choice to determine whether or not forgiveness is possible. If it is impossible for them to forgive, then reconnecting in a romantic relationship will never work. You can both suppress it for some time, but eventually it will come up again and again until your new relationship crumbles. 

Moving On From the Past

No one wants to have their past mistakes continually thrown in their face. If your girlfriend brings up your affair every time you disagree with her on something, you cannot move forward. She knows that there is no counter-argument you can make at that point. You were guilty and there is no way around it. She knows that bringing it up can give her the advantage.

You cannot create a new relationship out of ashes. You need to establish a brand new foundation and mutually agree to leave the past in the past. You have both agreed at this point to give your relationship another chance, so do what you’ve agreed. Start over and look forwards and not backwards.

Is a Cheater Doomed to Repeat Their Mistakes?

If you believe the common saying that if someone cheats once, they’re going to always do it again; there is no point in getting back together. Dealing with the pressure of continual doubt is an unhealthy and unfair burden to bear. If your ex continually questions you or tries to control you so they can keep you from cheating, they have not forgiven you for the past, and your future is going to fall short of what you want. Resenting someone is the best way to poison their love and affection and can easily stop a relationship in its tracks.

Not all cheaters are habitual offenders. For some, cheating can become a set pattern of behavior when they get bored with their existing relationship and they’re ready to move on. For others, it’s simply a one-time mistake. If everyone was doomed to fail for a single mistake, no relationship in the world would be able to withstand that kind of scrutiny. It may be harder to forgive unfaithfulness than almost anything else, but it is possible. It takes a commitment to your partner, a rebuilding of broken trust and a lot of hard work, but it is accomplished every single day. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. Life comes with no guarantees – you don’t want to look back on your life and regret not taking the chance to have something worthwhile because you were scared of the effort it would take to achieve. 

What To Do Next?

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