Proven Techniques To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

When your ex-girlfriend dumped you, she thought she was queen of the castle and ready to move on. She couldn’t wait to be single again, and she had to leave you behind. The excitement of being single after a long-term relationship has gotten stale is an extremely enticing prospect – but the single life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She’s going to get lonely. She’s going to realize that the security you gave her is no longer there – and then she’s going to realize that she still needs you. Until that happens, getting her back just won’t work.

You’re Still On Her Mind

The advantage you have in this situation is that the relationship is already on her mind. Before she even left you, she was realizing that everything was going to change and that she would have to adapt to living without you. If the breakup was a marathon, she was already halfway through by the time you heard the gun go off. She gave herself a big lead by planning ahead – and you didn’t even see it coming. She’s had time to work through some of her feelings while you were still trying to pick yourself up off the ground.

No matter how much time and effort she put into preparing herself for the breakup itself, she’s still going through an emotional time. She lost something that was beneficial to her, and part of her is already missing you. Maybe she’s starting to realize things that didn’t come to mind before. She has to accept the fact that you’re no longer obligated to support her, and that she doesn’t have a built in shoulder to cry on when she’s had a bad day.

All these conflicting emotions will build up to a critical level, and your ex will deal with them by putting as much distance between the two of you as possible. She’s afraid that seeing you will lower her resolve and that she’ll want to have you back. You have a few different options at this critical time – but only one can get her back for good.

Going Down the Wrong Road

If you try to pursue your ex as she pulls away, you’re doing all her hard work for her. You think that by posting things on her Facebook wall or following her around the office will successfully make her change her mind. You couldn’t be more wrong. If you continually hound her right now, the ice is going to crack under your feet. She doesn’t want to have to deal with you right now – she wants time on her own.

Your ex doesn’t see what you’re doing as “fighting for the relationship” and she doesn’t think it’s sweet. She thinks it’s annoying, and she’ll start loathing you for it. Do yourself a favor and don’t choose this course of action. It’s not pretty, and it won’t work out well for you down the road.

The Right Road

As you may expect, the right course of action is the complete opposite to the wrong one. Since you already know that she’s thinking of you and missing your presence in her life, you need to remove yourself. Don’t accept that she’s starting to move away from you – move away from her too. Go in the opposite direction. Moving to the edge of her apartment complex’s parking lot isn’t going to cut it. Keep going.

Is She Over Me?

A lot of women will go on a rampage immediately following a breakup. They’ll take down or delete pictures, text messages, emails or knick-knacks that remind them of their ex-boyfriend. They think that they’re doing this to get over him and put the relationship behind them, but it’s really more of a statement about their mental state. If your ex is doing this perfectly, it means that you have an even better chance to get her back than you thought.

She’s trying to force herself forward rather than dealing with any of the emotions that the breakup has caused. She wants to avoid her feelings just like she’s avoiding you. She’s afraid that if she lets those feelings loose that she’ll want to get back together, so she hides them instead. She doesn’t want to have to face the reality of a life without you.

You need to take this as a light at the end of a not-so-long tunnel. It’s a good thing. It can be much more challenging to rekindle a romance with someone who’s accepted their feelings and moved past them. Examine the breakup and try to determine if your ex is hiding her feelings or if they’re long gone. That can put you on stable ground to move forward.

Get Back Into Her Thoughts

If your ex suspects that you’re trying to win her back, she will quickly remove the possibility from crossing her mind by eliminating you completely. She’ll stop speaking to you, and she’ll turn tail and run in the opposite direction so fast that you won’t get a chance to put your plan in place. If you push too hard, you’ll have the same result. If you keep pushing yourself on her, she’ll react with frustration or even anger. She’s not angry at you, specifically – she’s angry that you know how she feels about you and that you’re trying to manipulate her feeling to get what you want. She’ll come to that realization on her own time. You really don’t need to do a thing to make her.

If you simply provide the tools at the right stages of the process, she’ll be able to come to all these feelings on her own and you won’t need to step in or interfere. This way, she can never accuse you of forcing her into something that she thinks she doesn’t want. It will be her choice and hers alone.

The more she starts remembering the past you two shared, the more she will start to feel badly about the breakup and the fact that she kept all of these feelings suppressed. She may realize that you two shared more good memories than she remembered, and these memories will start to work inside of her naturally. Once she starts to doubt her decision to end the relationship, you can start to put the rest of your plan into action.

Bringing Back Good Memories

Before you jump into action, keep in mind that any move you make cannot be obvious to your ex. The second you start to approach her or bring up things in the past, she’ll immediately be wary of your intentions and she will be a lot less receptive to what you’re trying to do. If she suspects that you’re trying to win her back, her guard will be up before you even begin. If you behaved in a way that made you seem needy when she broke up with you, you’ll need to give her additional space whether you want to or not.

In order for her to start seriously missing you and the relationship you once had, you need to make sure that you are completely removed from the picture. She has to know that she can’t come to you for support or turn to you if she needs help. She ended the relationship and made it clear that you weren’t what she wanted. She wanted to be single, and that means that she gets to be alone. A lot of women try to play of a guy’s natural instinct to pursue them after a relationship has ended. They use this as an excuse to justify their actions. If you conform to what she expects, you’re playing into her hand. Don’t give over the control that easily.

It’s fun to be chased. What girl doesn’t like a little extra attention? It makes her feel good about herself and boosts her self-esteem. All you have to do to be effective here is refuse to play. She laid out all the ground rules and holds all the cards and expects you to play into her hand. Don’t give in by being everything she’s expecting you to be. If you succumb to your desire to talk to her and contact her repeatedly, you’re only ruining your own chance of successfully reconnecting.

You Can’t Miss Someone Who Is Never Gone

You may be afraid that by stepping back and giving her the space she wanted that you’re only allowing her the perfect opportunity to get over you and move on without looking back. That’s a common misconception, and it’s just blatantly wrong. When your ex ended the relationship, she was positive that you were still in love. She was so positive, in fact, that she bet on the fact that she’d have to beat you off with a stick and that you’d be pursuing her for a long time after things ended.

By playing her game, you’re allowing her to distance herself from you slowly and surely instead of all at once. Slow and easy detachment from someone is the key that can make a breakup stick. You’re unwittingly becoming a safety net. She knows that, no matter what, she can turn to you and you’d take her back without a second thought. That knowledge lets her feel safe enough to move on without ever having to completely sever old ties.

While she may not be waiting by the phone for you to call, she knows that you will. She can almost predict the moments that your late-night texts will come through, and she’s biding her time until you can prove her right. She doesn’t have to make a clean break, which can be a lot more difficult than a gradual one. If you’re chasing after her at this point, you’re doing exactly what she wants and you’re losing all of your leverage.

Make a Sudden Move

As she’s slowly but surely dancing away from the time you spent together, your best option is to cut the safety line and take a huge leap in the opposite direction. Create a void between you that she never saw coming. Refuse to be a pawn in her decision anymore, and take matters into your own hands. She may have decided on the breakup, but that doesn’t mean that she has control of your present or your future – you do. This is the opposite of what she was expecting and what she really needs. Making a move of this magnitude will rock the foundation she was sure she had and make her start questioning everything.

Sticking to a No-Contact Policy

What you’re being expected to do here isn’t easy, and no one is claiming otherwise. Every single part of you will be fighting this step with everything you’ve got. If it is impossible to completely avoid your ex because you work nearby or attend classes together, you need to take control of any unintentional contact you have. Work on being invisible. If you run into her, just smile and walk away.

Do whatever it takes to make contacting her impossible. Get off social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter for a while. Now would be the perfect time to get your computer upgraded just like you’ve been planning for ever. Take it in for service so you’re not tempted to use it. Delete your ex’s number from your phone – at least temporarily. Clamp your mouth shut if you have to! Whenever you get the urge to reach out, do something else instead.

It’s easy to let your imagination run wild, and this will make sticking to your guns even more difficult. A lot of guys crack under the pressure. Your mind is your worst enemy. If you start making up all these crazy ideas about her running around with other guys, grit your teeth and push through it. Throw yourself into exercise or join a sports team. Energize your body and your thoughts will stay calm and collected. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t allow yourself to give in to momentary urges. You’ll be better for it later on.

Do you remember how rejected and pushed aside you felt when your ex dumped you? Your silence is giving her the same feeling right now. She doubts the reason that she decided to end things, and her imagination is driving her just as crazy as yours is. She’s starting to question your feelings prior to the breakup and it’s hard for her to accept the fact that you may have just moved on while she’s still lonely.

More than that, though, your absence allows her emotions and thoughts to turn towards you in a positive way. She’s starting to realize how much she enjoyed your company, and she’s missing all the good times that you used to have together. She misses being able to see you or hang out all the time. You didn’t give her the chance to gradually acclimate to being single – you did it in one giant leap and that is weighing on her heavily. In essence, she’s feeling like you ended things, and not the other way around.

Other Ways to Win Back Her Heart

Your ex-girlfriend mistakenly believed that she could have all the freedom associated with being single while still keeping you around. If the no-contact policy simply isn’t possible because of your specific situation, there are other ways to foster that feeling inside of her of missing and needing you around again.

The things that once connected you are still there beneath the surface, and they can be reawakened. You can use the past to your advantage and make those emotions come back to light if you know the right methods to use and when.

This audio guide is a free tool that can show you the best ways to get her back in your life quickly. If you’ve ever wondered about your ex’s thoughts, you can have an advantage to giving her exactly what she needs to recognize the important part you used to play – and she’ll want to get back to that comfort level again. If you continually pressure her and never give her the chance to come to that realization on her own, you’re ruining your chances and you’re going to see her walk away for good.

Your Next Step – Facebook Jiu-Jitsu

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