What To Do If Your Ex Girlfriend Is Ignoring You – Make Her Contact You Instead!

Are you confused about why she is suddenly ignoring you after the break up? Everything that you have been doing of late seems to just push her further and further away from you. The truth is that you have been doing everything wrong up until this point, so you need to stop doing what you are doing now before you make the situation any worse. 

She might be ignoring you to prove a point and make you miss her, it seems like it is working. The simple truth of the matter is that she is ignoring you for a reason, so you have to get to the bottom of those reasons to determine where to go next. Did you cheat on her or hurt her in some way? Was the break up nasty and sudden? She could just be trying to protect herself from anymore hurt, ignoring you is the best way for her to achieve this.

You have to respect her decision to ignore you first of all before you can make any progress. No matter how much you try to contact her, protest against her decision, or try to make her see sense, you are only shooting yourself in the foot. You can’t make someone want to talk to you, it just doesn’t work like that. Would you want her to talk to you because she has no other choice anyway? How crap and pathetic would that make you feel? That is why you have to learn other strategies that make her actually want to get back in contact with you. You want her to come to her own conclusions, make her think that talking to you is a good idea, and make the whole process a positive one, that is the trick!

Make Her Think About You Constantly

Change is an inevitable part of a breakup, and it as unfortunate reality. When you’re with someone, you’re used to certain things that you’ve come to expect and consider the norm. You used to talk every day on a constant basis, and suddenly you’re met with silence. If your ex has told you that she’s done, contacting her in any way seems suddenly off-limits.

It’s like your ex-girlfriend has suddenly dropped off the face of the planet and that reality can shake even the toughest guys to the core. It’s like you suddenly became invisible. No matter what you feel, what you think or what you do, you can’t seem to get through to her. 

If you want to get back together with your ex, some contact is obviously necessary. You can’t reconnect with someone who is ignoring you, and no amount of wishing will make something a reality. Your instincts will be to get on the ball and start messaging her right away – but you should hold off on those instincts temporarily. You can contact her all you want, but the more you do at this point, the less likely she is to listen and you’re killing your chances of reconnection later.

You’re starting to feel like your relationship was a person who has passed away. Time keeps passing without hearing a single word, and there seems to be nothing you can do to change it. If your ex is refusing to talk to you, you obviously need to do something to change her mind. It’s knowing how that becomes the challenge.

Understanding Why She’s Avoiding You

If you think your ex-girlfriend is ignoring you simply because you can’t see any evidence of her interest in you, you may be making a critical error in judgment. She hasn’t contacted you. So what? That hardly means that you don’t matter, or that she isn’t closely examining every move you make. You are assuming the worst because you can’t find prove otherwise, when the reality is probably much different. She’s just making you feel that way, and she’s doing it on purpose.

She is spending just as much time thinking about the breakup as you are – if not more. More importantly than that, she is closely monitoring your reactions. She’s looking carefully to see if you were hurt or angry, and how you’re behaving after the fact. She wants to know if the breakup got to you, or if you just shrugged it off like nothing happened and got on with your life. She needs to see a reaction from you in order to feel good about making the decision to end your relationship. 

Human beings crave validation for their choices and actions, regardless of whether they’re aware of it or not. Choosing to end a relationship is a huge choice to make, and it’s natural to second-guess big life decisions that have to be made. 

If you handled the relationship poorly, her decision to avoid contact with you was kicked up into another gear. Any sign of desperation or weakness on your part only proved to her that leaving you was the right thing to do. A needy guy is not attractive to anyone, and the more you behave this way, the less likely she is to see you as a potential mate. All you’re doing is gradually lowering the amount of respect she still had for you – until it is gone completely. Once that respect is gone, it is probably gone for good. 

What Should I Be Doing?

If your ex is ignoring you, the last thing you want to do is try and contact her. She’s made it clear that, at the moment, she’s not interested in hearing from you. The more you try, the more resolved her decision is going to be. Since most guys are competitive, take it up a notch. Make it a game – at least in your mind – to keep from doing something that can push her away for good. Turn the tables and start ignoring her, instead – and be more successful at it than she is.

Ignoring her includes all social media contact like Facebook. Don’t think for a second that she isn’t keeping track of every status message, every picture, every song post, every single comment you make. She is. She can follow your every move with no effort at all if you allow her the chance. Not only is she looking for justification for her decision to end things, but she’s checking up on you because she has a natural curiosity about your life – especially since you’re no longer together. She still feels strongly for you on some level.

Do you remember the whole time you were together? She seemed to know every single move you made before you knew it yourself. Now is no different. She isn’t going to stop looking into your life just because the relationship is over. The best way for you to get her mind back on you is to stop giving her what she’s looking for. Rather than simply deleting her from your friend list, use Facebook to turn the tables and put you back in control of the situation.

The Green Monster – How Jealousy Can Work In Your Favour

If you genuinely think that your ex-girlfriend couldn’t care less about your life, make her jealous and see what happens. It will be like fireworks on the fourth of July, and you won’t even know what hit you. There’s a reason that jealousy is called a monster – it can be. That’s exactly why it should be used with extreme caution or it can backfire.

As bad as it sounds, your ex-girlfriend wants you to be lost, hopeless and broken. If you don’t give her what she expects, she will immediately wonder why. You want to show her that you’re comfortable with your new life and that you’re taking the bull by the horns and going out full force. You’re not sad and moping around your apartment – why would you be? There is so much fun to be had in the world, especially now that you’re single again. Act however you feel in private, but in public be sure to live it up.

If you want to seriously get her interest immediately, let her get a look at you with another girl. This doesn’t mean throw yourself into another relationship before you’ve even had a chance to come up for air. Doing that just proves that you didn’t respect your past relationship, and it comes across as vindictive or petty. That’s not what you’re going for. You have nothing to lose by going out for drinks with a co-worker or a girl that you met at the gym. If your ex realizes that you’re already dating when she’s still sitting at home single, you’ve got it made.

Don’t let your ex-girlfriend’s potential reaction ruin your ability to have fun. You’re not doing it to get even; you’re just experiencing the world. You’re no longer obligated to her in any way, and she chose to let you go. So go out and enjoy it. Seeing someone else interested in you will renew her interest faster than any other method.

She Won’t Pick Up The Phone

By now, you shouldn’t still be trying to call your ex – you want her to be the one contacting you. When your ex ended the relationship, she took hold of the reigns. She’s driving this sidecar and she knows that she’s the one that’s in control. She knows that she has you right where she wants you, and now she can finally start doing things her way. When she realized that she could take control of the situation, she came up with a reason to end the relationship, and what you thought of her decision probably didn’t factor into the equation. 

This dynamic power shift doesn’t say anything about her feelings for you. She’s simply pushing herself to the limits to see where the edges of her capabilities lay, and she knows that she can have you at a disadvantage. Instead of being the one to have to work at getting your attention, she’s the one you have to pursue.

Showing Vulnerability Doesn’t Work

Every time you went to her and asked her to change her mind, you’re giving her exactly what she wants, and she’s basking in the extra attention. She’s enjoying it more than anything else. She feels like the queen of the world and has relegated you to the position of court jester. She’s living the high life in her head right now, and you’re letting her. If you’ve constantly lowered yourself by arguing, talking or even begging for another chance, she is starting to get the idea that she’s better than you are, and that puts you in a dangerous position.

Once she has established the belief that you’re no longer worth the effort, she’s going to look around for someone who is. She thinks that she should be with a man she respects, and she’s not going to passively sit around and wait for him to show up – she’s going to go looking for him. The more you try to pursue her, the more justified she’s going to feel. If she gets to the place where any respect she once had for you as a person has disappeared completely, your chances of getting her back are gone – and they’re not coming back. You need to learn how to equal out the playing field and get the ball back to the center of the table before it lands on her side for good.

Know Why She’s Not Answering

It’s easy to forget what started the relationship in the first place. You were the hunter, and she was the prey that you were after. You gave her all the attention she could stand and she ate it up. She’d pull away for a little bit, and you’d hunt her down. But once your relationship officially began, the pursuit was over. 

You can probably remember something that you’ve desperately wanted. Maybe it was that new gaming system, or that new phone that was the hottest thing on the market. It was all you could think about, and you just wouldn’t quit until you could call it yours. Once you had it, however, you realized it wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. You found something better, or started a new hobby instead. It started collecting dust, or was traded in for the next model. The simple truth is that people and romantic relationships are not that different. Once you have something, it’s easy to forget how much we went through to get it, and we forget what made it so special in the first place.

As relationships progress, it’s easy to slip into patterns or behaviors that are strikingly different than when you first began. Maybe you weren’t giving her as much attention as you once did. You stopped pretending to listen to her stories and just assumed that she’d always be there to do your laundry. While your feelings were still there, they weren’t as obvious. That change led to her decision to walk away.

You’ve been catapulted back into the pursuit phase of a relationship when she broke things off. You realize what you lost, and you’d do anything to get it back and she knows it. That’s why nothing you do is working out for you. She has your attention but instead of being excited by it, she is turned off by it. She doesn’t want to talk to you, and the more you try to force her, the less she will respond. Your attention is the last thing she wants.

Turn The Tables On Her

The ball is in her court, but no relationship game only involves one person. In order to get your footing back on equal ground, you have to figure out a way to level the playing field – if not tip it in your direction. You can’t get any of that power back until you take control of the only thing you can – yourself.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to reign in your impulses, your emotions and your reactions and tone them way down. You need to exhibit some self-control, and you need to do it fast. You are the key to turning the situation around in your favor, and you can do nothing to get her back until you work on yourself first.

Losing a relationship that you love can play serious tricks with your mind. You need to get all your thoughts in some kind of discernible order before you can begin to make headway. Clean it up – but not in the same way you clean your room. Throwing your thoughts into a closet and slamming the door just isn’t going to accomplish what you need to move forward.

One of the best things you can do for yourself can work your mind and body at once – exercise. Not only does it keep anxiety at bay and release positive endorphins that can make you feel better in more ways than one, but it can build your confidence and your flexibility. Exercising regularly works more than just your muscles. It’s literally cleaning house from the inside out. 

Positive thinking may seem ridiculous, but it can work in your favor. Instead of focusing on the problem, think of the solution. Don’t think about the short term, but plan for the long-term instead. If you can’t believe the best about yourself and the situation, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Not only does exercise and thinking positively get you up off the couch, it teaches you a new way to think. This chance in you will not go unnoticed – even by your ex.

Get An Attitude Adjustment

You need to take everything that you’ve been obsessing about in regards to the breakup (and the relationship as a whole) and toss it out the window. Don’t see it as something you cannot bear to be without but see it as something in the past. Tell yourself that it doesn’t matter, and that you’re better off without it.

You may not realize this, but the mind plays a vital role in our behavior, our attitude and our accomplishments. She thinks she has all the power, and while that may have been true for a while, it’s not true now. If you couldn’t care less about the relationship, you have just made the essential step to taking that control back – right from under her nose.

Your ex-girlfriend has assured herself time and time again that you need and want her in order to be happy, but she’s ready to move on. Make the effort to show her how wrong her assumptions have been. Be willing to walk away and leave her behind and that you’re actually on the path to making it a reality. Nothing will flip the situation on its head more quickly than the realization that you’re out, and she’s the one that’s being left behind.

She’s already looked for reasons to try and validate leaving you. All those reasons are coming back now, and she’s second-guessing each and every one of you. Now she has to weigh in a factor she never considered – how willing is she to see you leave for good? The truth is that she’s not. That’s going to be the deciding factor in making her change her mind. 

Your Next Steps

The obvious approaches to getting back your ex’s attention hasn’t worked out for you and you’re ready for a new approach. You don’t have to be obvious – subtlety can work wonders in turning a situation around and tipping the scales in your favor.

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